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Tracing by JM

I love these lyrics, I thought I'd put them in cos everyone seems to know about John Mayer, so I figure you all know his more mainstream songs, but this one, "Tracing," isn't on an album, and it's wonderfully philosophical and sensitive. I love the way he points out specific things that tell you exactly what he's talking about, like the phone number thing in this, things that people can relate to, it's incredible how he does that in every song.

Do you ever get the feeling
That we started in the middle?
Or have you ever had the sense
That we've been lying just a little?
I mean come on
It's not like we've known ourselves that long

And I can't say I really blame you
For being bored with the beginning
Always staring at the score
To figure out who’s barely winning
But don't you know
There is a reason the strong move slow

And I'm okay
If you're okay with wasting time
But when you trace
You always see the bottom line

We are tracing
I hope you know
We are tracing
And if you want to know the moment
I knew that I was still alone
I found I never learned your number
I only stored it in my phone
You'd think by now
I'd know the shape of calling home
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