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i'm addicted

apparently , i'm addicted to live journal. I blame kat. somehow it's her fault.

anyways, I was looking for a community where people just posted lyrics that were pretty or sound nice or even just made you feel or think something.

I'm not going to say there isn't one but I got tired of looking. when I thought about my laziness and weighed it out, it seemed like less work to just go ahead and make my own.

so in the vein of procrastination, I created this thing instead of writing my paper.
I wanna have people post quotes or lyrics that are funny, sweet, beautiful, interesting, or whatever. as long as it's meaningful to you. and probably comment on how it makes you feel and such.

i dunno. go crazy... but not too crazy. be careful. don't hurt yourself.

now, homework for me.

any ideas for an icon for the community?
and also artists to add to the interests?
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